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"I always thought that I was me - but no, I was you and never knew it." - Rumi

The Guest Editor Series : Paul E. Daniels

As Paul announced our project this morning, now…it’s time to reveal his art work on my photo! I always love to see how he creates his iPhone photography. How he expresses his art is different from mine. and guess what? My photo was returned to me in two awesome images!!! His talent created another possibilities in my iPhoneography…I take my hat off to you, my dear iPhoneographer, Paul E. Daniels. I look forward to our next project!

Love and Gratitude,


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  2. yellowsarong said: two of my favorite people :)
  3. pauledaniels said: As usual, Hana, you chose a perfect quote for your photo. I enjoyed the process and was inspired to try something different… I look forward to working together again! Thanks for the great original photo of yours to work from. ~Paul
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