Miss Moon in The Sky

I won’t give up - Jason Mraz with Mona Tavakoli

I had a slight fever this morning. Why today?! I’ve been resting in my bed since this morning and now fever has gone :) I’m now ready to get out for my annual Jason Mraz live!!! Hopefully I’ll be fine :) haha. His music will be my remedy for this sickness…

Have a happy weekend :) oh, Happy Labor’s day weekend to all the US friends!


  1. isabar said: Beautiful song <3, my favorite! :)
  2. isli said: have fun at the concert :)
  3. amchphotography said: Enjoy and hope you feel better :)))
  4. minimalseoul said: Kajejanai? Get well soonest.
  5. mel-men said: Wish you so much fun :))))
  6. hipstame said: you lucky lucky girl! I’m so jealous! fever will be all gone, it’s Mraz-magic! Enjoy it for me too! I wish I was there with you!!
  7. jane-ta said: Enjoy, enjoy!! JASON MRAAAAAAZ <3
  8. pixandum said: Have a GREAT time!!! :))))
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