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Home Sweet Home.

It’s a holiday season. Time to get back home and spend a precious time with family. I believe everyone has a home. I have two places that I call them as ‘home’. The one is where my life belongs to, the other is what my origin is. I’m so grateful to have these two places as my home sweet home.

I’m flying away to my origin, Kyoto, to spend New Year’s holidays with my parents next Thursday. I look forward to all the good things in Japan. I’ll charge up my energy there, and come back to my home in New York with a huge smile :) You guys will definitely see the beauty of Kyoto via my lens next weekend. Stay tuned…

Laura, Thank you for sharing this fantastic project with everyone. Much gratitude goes to you. You are an amazing person & photographer!!

Have a happy & joyful holidays everyone  ;)

Much love & gratitude,


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