Miss Moon in The Sky

Change is gonna come…

As the weather gets a bit milder and the sun stays smiling longer than before, change is gonna come to our doorways in a good way. Spring is just a couple of months away, yes?! Celebrate who we are, what you have and be grateful where we stand now. Hug your friends, give a sweet kiss to your special someone, then a high five to your kids and parents, woof, meow or chirp to your lovely pets. Life is good.

So, here it is. My last post for Laura’s Sunday Project. Some photos from New Yorker’s oasis, Central Park. I enjoy snow while winter stays, then I look forward to a beautiful cherry blossom in spring. I’m so grateful to have this park in the city. It heals everyone’s body & soul. Indeed, it is a magical oasis…

I’ve been so happy to see everyone’s different world via Laura’s Sunday Project since the beginning. Thank you, Laura, for hosting such a fantastic project. Thank you everyone whoever shared your amazing world on it. It was just simply A W E S O M E   :D

Love & Gratitude,


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