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Spring colored flower dream :)

I’ve been posting B/W or kinda dark colored photos so much these days… Just need to change the mood today. Yup, met these beautiful Bougainvillea at The New York Botanical Garden the other day. Aren’t they amazing?! Aren’t they pretty in the spring colors?! The conservatory was saturated with the scents of Gardenia & Citrus flowers… ahhh….that was a bliss!!

I also had a great time feeding little birds at the garden. Chickadees are my favorite. They perched on my shoulder, head, and hand :))))))) Spring is near…Get out in the woods and meet your new friends, besides flowers and trees… ;)))))

Have a great weekend!


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  3. isabar said: Beautiful shots Hana!!, I love Bougainvillea it’s remember me my home in México :) <3
  4. hipstame said: Wow, these pictures are so pretty!
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  8. my-memory-palace said: Yes!!!! Thank you, I needed this! So pretty! I’m so ready for spring!

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