Miss Moon in The Sky

So, it was a snow day…again. ( 3/16/2013 )

I don’t know…It seems this winter still wants to stay here a bit longer. Love snow definitely!! But I miss my spring flowers, too… I’m totally ready for spring.

Dear winter, would you mind giving a way to a lovely spring season…NOW?

Sincerely yours,


  1. pauledaniels said: Lovely set!
  2. elriz said: I initially thought the flowers didnt look real. Like they looked off and were just put there. Hehe. I mean, kind of odd without leaf ‘leaf’. ohwhatever. ;)
  3. phototoartgallery reblogged this from tinktastichana
  4. amchphotography said: wonderful set, my lovely friend!
  5. leitfot said: This is a real beautiful transition from winter tp spring. Send some here, please, we need it ;-)

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