Miss Moon in The Sky

Happy Selfy Wednesday! - Cat Woman version ( ft. Seesaw the cat )

…and Happy Hallowwwweeeeeeeeeen ;pĀ 

Ok, people, two months till 2014. Whatever you do, do your best to spread your light. Let’s finish 2013 as an awesome year, shall we?

Oh, Heads-up for you guys…two months later, I’ll post my photos from far east…my mama’s country, Japan. It’s the time again. I’ll be there for 3weeks… Wait and see my Japanesey world. Stay tuned ;)

…and Thank you for reblogging, liking or sending me such a sweet message. I’m truly grateful. Love you, all my Tumblr friends!!

Enjoy your scary Halloween party tomorrow! Boo :D

Much love and meow,

Hana & Seesaw

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  4. leitfot said: Addendum: your beautiful smile :-)
  5. elriz said: Japan!
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