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Happy Thanksgiving :)

Just had an awesome TG yoga class now. Kevin Courtney, a great yoga teacher at Kula Yoga Studio, led us to a blissful yoga practice. Kevin told us how his dad became so radiant right before his passing as he dropped an idea of being ‘not good enough’. He found himself accepting the way things are and acknowledging himself as good enough. He lived his last 4 months being happy, spreading love, and sharing his life with everyone. How wonderful!!! So, today…just acknowledge yourself as love. Be grateful for who you are. ;))))

I also wanna thank to my parents letting me become who I am, letting me pursuing my dream life in New York. I am grateful receiving their unconditional love throughout my life. And I thank you to all of my friends, teachers… and You!!! All my gratitude goes to you.

Have a wonderful holiday!!

Much love & gratitude,


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