Miss Moon in The Sky

Today was ” I’m Yours ” kinda day. I never get tired of this song. It’s a happy little hippie song I love. Sing out loud, and feel happy :)

I found this performance so fantastic!! Just watch it whenever you can. Never seen this kinda ” Robot Dance” before…!! Thank you @Solarsanction for sharing this video :) Love it!!!

(Source: rareperception)

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Rick Mereki’s inspirational video. ” MOVE “. He traveled 11 countries in 44 days with his two friends. His creations motivate us to explore the world or learn and simply…enjoy every possibility in life. Ready? Sit right there. It’s showtime :D

oh, and there are two more movies, ” LEARN ” and ” EAT “.

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